IMAX Technologies Incorporated was established in July 1999 which started as a distributor of Motorola's Networking Group, a market leader in the Frame Relay Router Industry. With its experienced sales and engineering staff, backed-up by Motorola's extensive support, we were able to capture a sizeable share of the market in just a short span of time.

Today Imax Technologies has already established itself as a premier provider of converged solutions in the field of Telecommunications and IT Industry by distributing products that are cost effective solution to their needs. With its current lists of distribution channels to include Convergent Networks(Formerly Motorola Vanguard Routers), Multi-tech Systems, Schmid Telecoms, Transition Networks, Proscend Communications Inc., Ad-net Technology, ONTEL Telecom Inc. & Global Technologies Inc,. IMAX continuously delivers a broad choice of high value, cost-effective Networking products and solutions to our Telecommunications, ISP's, Utility, Banking, Financial, Education, Hotel, Government and Consumer customers to make the most effective use of both public and privvate Multimedia Networks.

Executive Group


Joloie B. San Gabriel

Chief Financial Officer

Mildred B. San Gabriel